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What Are Some Ways to Kill Opossums in the Yard?

Opossum are normally regarded as a nuisance in the garden, particularly when they trample on or feed plants. Opossum can also plunge through garbage bins or steal your pets' meal. How to eliminate an South Bend opossum can be complicated but with a little persistence, the backyard opossum may move elsewhere.

Backyard Opossum Control
The greatest way to combat Indiana opossum concerns is to recognize their habits. While opossums prefer open fields near streams or wooded areas, they will go to residence in abandoned den, brush piles, tree crevices, or areas beneath decks, steps, and outbuildings.

Opossums are also nocturnal. They are typically active at night and sleeping the entire day. This makes it somewhat hard to recognize the intruder attacking your Indiana backyard. However, they will regularly leave some significant signs of their existence through tracks, droppings, over turned garbage cans or pet meal dishes, and plant damages. The backyard South Bend opossum is known to omnivore as well, feeding on nuts, fruits, eggs, insects, and small animals.

How to Eliminate an Opossum
Control approaches for backyard Indiana opossum varies, with repellents and trapping usually used. Fencing is another preference.

• Repellents
There are many products in the market that targets at repelling these opossums. However, these normally offer little aid. Other South Bend opossum control means include the custom of motion-activated sprinkler methods, which can startle opossum and frighten them off.

• Traps or Cages
Trapping these animals is another common technique employed for Indiana opossum control. Knowing how to trap opossum isn't as hard as what is required once it's caught. This generally requires relocation by a licensed wildlife expert in many areas.

Killing Indiana opossums is often not allowed in most states. Nevertheless, trapping them in cage is fairly easy. Cages should measure about 10”x 12”x 32”. Place the traps along known directions, baiting them with fruits such as over ripe grapes, melons, or bananas.

• Fencing
Building electric fencing is at times used for opossum control. Placing fences around garden or backyard should be a minimum of four feet high. Make sure the top foot face outward, far away from the backyard to prevent opossum from climbing over.

• Close off the hole
If the opossums are living under your porch, shed etc., wait for them to evacuate and change the door lock. This will typically be done at night because South Bend opossums are nocturnal. Use high powered lamps earlier and don't turn it on until the critters disappeared. Use some hardware cloth or chicken wire to block off any likelihood of re-entry. Make certain to put in the ground your fencing at least 6” deep so they will not just scoot in underneath. Close the area before they have the chance to get in if they have not moved in yet.

Making the area less pleasing to opossum is still a great defense. Fallen fruits from trees must be kept clean. Overgrown shrubs and trees should be trimmed. Brush piles and fragments should be removed. Garbage cans and bins should have tight- fitting covers and pet meal should not be left out especially at night. It's also a worthy idea to block off or close any openings or entrances near or under the Indiana home such as decks, porches, etc.

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