What Kind of Damage Do Opossums Cause?

Opossums are normally delegated as pest species because of their propensities for searching and living in lofts and under South Bend houses. They search for a warm, dry, and safe place to live in and attics or corners around the house really attract them. Keep in mind that Indiana opossums are incredible climbers so reaching to the attic or roof tops isn't really difficult for them. If you let them live in your attic or in any corner of your house, they can cause accompanying issues:

1. Produce Noises While Crawling
No one likes unwanted noises in their house especially when it's time to take a nap after a long tiring day or while you have guests around. Indiana opossums are quite big in size and their crawling can't go unnoticed especially in the attics which usually have wooden flooring.

2. Expansive Droppings around Their Place
From attic to any corner, no matter what place South Bend opossums choose to live under your house, they spoil the place through the large droppings. They can eat anything including small insects and even dead animals like cat, dog, mice so you can assume how infecting their droppings could be. Adding on, they make the place really messy owing to the fact that they pass huge dog-sized turds.

3. Damage the Electric Wires or Cables In The Attic
Indiana opossums are considered as rodents, big time, for the reason that they chew on anything around them including cables, wires, ceilings, and scratch the wooden flooring of your attic through their nails. Besides ducts and insulating wires, they can also be dangerous for your pet animals as sometimes they nibble the feet off younger South Bend rabbits and hens.

4. Produce an Uncomfortable Odor
Due to the crap they usually stuff in their body, South Bend opossum spread the odor badly. However if they are alive and moving around your house then the odor can be tolerable but in case they die in the attic or in any corner, then prepare yourself to welcome a gut wrenching smell. Normally, their presence also comes in the knowledge due to this specific odor they possess. Indiana opossums also die frequently in the attic because they have comparatively short life span and their dead body also stinks badly.

5. Spread Several Diseases
Droppings of the South Bend animals always contain different types of pathogens so it's highly recommended to dispose of the turds immediately. When opossums start living in your house, their presence initially remain unnoticed for a long time and during the tenure they keep doing shit in your attic. Their droppings not only contain pathogens but also attract other parasites like lice, mugs, and fleas which contaminate the environment and spread diseases in your Indiana house.

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